About The Authors

Askia Akhenaton Suleiman Ali Davis is known to family as Akhenaton and to friends as Askia. He is the son of Dr. Askia Davis and Mrs. Nydia Lassalle Davis, with whom he lives in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn.


Askia Akhenaton is a lover of spoken word, slam poetry, lyrics, and various genres of music. He reads music, plays the piano and clarinet, and is an aficionado of Garage Band.


Askia Akhenaton is a 2010 graduate of Benjamin Banneker Academy in Brooklyn. At Banneker he was a successful student in honors English classes and the starting power forward and most valuable player leading Banneker’s basketball team to the semifinals of the Public Schools Athletic League in 2010.


Askia Akhenaton is currently a student in City University of New York. He is active in several local basketball leagues. He is majoring in communications and mass media. His professional goals include sports broadcasting, teaching, and coaching.




Askia Davis, Sr. Ed.D. was born in rural Georgia and at the age of 15 joined “the Great Migration” of African Americans to cities in the North. At age 16 Askia lived independently in the borough of the Bronx in New York City. Also at age 16 he “stumbled upon” The Autobiography of Malcolm X and his view of the world was transformed.


Soon after, in 1968 he joined the Black Panther Party in Harlem (not to be confused with the so-called “New Black Panther Party” and its positions on race and violence) and became its Lieutenant of Education, leading classes in studying revolutionary books and literature that provided a context for community service. In 1968 he also became a leader of the successful struggle to open enrollment of Brooklyn College and City University of New York to Blacks and Latinos. At Brooklyn College in 1969 he was arrested, along with 18 other African American and Puerto Rican students, and held on Rikers Island facing the threat of being sentenced to 228 years in prison. With the assistance of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and other community leaders, he and his friends were released from prison.


Askia later completed a doctoral degree at Teachers College, Columbia University in 1983. Professionally, Askia has been a teacher, a counselor, an administrator, the senior assistant to three successive chancellors of the New York City Public Schools, superintendent of schools in Harlem, and deputy regional superintendent for 140 schools serving 99,000 students in the Bronx.


Askia is currently a writer and an educational consultant, specializing in strategic planning, team building, curriculum change, Models of Teaching, proposal development, and leadership.