Coming of Age in the Hip Hop Generation: Warrior of the Void

What do you get when a father who came of age in the Black Power and Black is Beautiful Generation who attempts to raise a son who is coming of age in the Hip Hop Generation? You get two views of reality, psychological warfare, harmony, disharmony, hope, and ongoing transformation. Coming of Age in the Hip Hop Generation: Warrior of the Void is the jointly authored father-son memoir written in the son’s voice and covering his life growing up Black and Puerto Rican in Brooklyn beginning shortly before his birthin 1992.


With a creative use of oral history, spoken word, lyricism, humor and introspection, Coming of Age in the Hip Hop Generation: Warrior of the Void offers profound insight into the lives of an American family and American history, music, culture, media, education, law enforcement, sports, and sociology.


The “void” is the space that exists between who we are and who we are called to become. It is a space where we encounter so many flamboyant and enchanting demons while our few guardian angels choose to remain fully hidden from sight. Warrior presents Askia Akhenaton’s faith-affirming journey of 18 years through that “void.”


Come inside for an intimate and unique examination of: innocence and harmony; love and heartbreak; sex education and mis-education from parents, teens, the internet, teachers, and musicians; disharmony and the fight for independence and self-identity; racial profiling and stop-and-frisk encounters with the police; mind manipulation to create a pervasive and negative image of Black and Latino males; American "his-story" vs history; the spell of video games, music, sports, and social media; 12th grade "senioritis" and it's cure; God, faith, and family.

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