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Master Sensei Soke taught that we were learning to fight so that we would never or rarely have to fight. He said we would be able to walk away from conflicts without throwing a punch. He declared, "the highest example of the warrior was being able to walk away when you know you could beat a persistent enemy."

Soke taught there were three enemies I must fear most: "I," plus "I," and "I." He said that "I" was the only one capable of defeating me and most men die having been defeated by their "I." The first trick "I" play is to have what is worthless appear as treasure for my heart, mind, and body. "I" tempt me with what "I" see, hear, taste, smell, and touch."

Soke counseled: "A true martial artist in the Scorpion system is not concerned with titles; he is only concerned with consistent improvement on every level of existence in life every day. He tames his desires and reduces his needs. This is the highest art to learn in the Scorpion system. This is the art of Self-Discipline."

Understanding the mental aspects of martial arts was initially beyond my reach, but I listened and absorbed for a later day because, next to dad, Soke was my hero. That later day is still on its way. Dad wanted that day to arrive at least two years ago when he had to endure an intense period of my "junior-itis" during my junior year in high school.